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Our food, served with pride, comes straight out of the Mexican kitchen!

At Torero’s Mexican Restaurants, we take genuine pride in serving our guests authentic Mexican dishes made with the finest ingredients available.

We want your dining experience to be the best it can be with fast, courteous service and flavorful food that will keep you coming back for more. We take the freshest ingredients, cook them according to time-honored family recipes and add a dash of inspiration to prepare a delicious dining experience with something for everyone!

We make our salsas fresh throughout the day to ensure the ultimate in flavor, and our tableside chips are fried fresh and kept hot to ensure their crispness! This guarantees that your tastebuds will crave more than just one serving!

You can also try any of our other dips, such as our cheese dip, guacamole or our salsa verde, which will certainly tantalize your tastebuds — and for those not so daring, we also have a mild salsa.

We’ve been serving the best Mexican food north of the border for more than 20 years. 

Be sure to visit one of our locations today!

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